What information is available for each Note?

Basic information about a Note and corresponding loan is provided by Lending Club on the Browse Notes page of the Note Trading Platform. Information on that page includes:  

  • Loan ID
  • Note ID
  • Interest Rate
  • Term
  • Status
  • Credit Score Change
  • Days Since Payment
  • Remaining Payments
  • Outstanding Principal
  • Accrued Interest
  • Principal + Interest
  • Asking Price
  • Markup/Discount
  • Yield to Maturity
Additional information provided by Lending Club about a Note and corresponding loan, such as Borrower payment history, loan collections details, loan issue date, loan amount, etc., can be viewed on the Loan Performance page by clicking on the loan Status in Browse Notes. Folio Investing does not have any role in creating this information and does not validate any of the information provided by Lending Club.

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